School Club Roundup Final Report

What a fantastic week, running in the field the the last two days, making so many contacts, and working through all the pile-ups we got.  I'm very proud of how well we did this year and the level of activity and dedication we had.

Here is our preliminary final break-down of our score:
Total hours: 19.5
Total Phone QSO's: 247
Total Digital QSO's: 92

Number of Clubs: 9
Number of Schools: 22

States Worked: 48, Needed Montana and Vermont
Provinces Worked: 2
Countries Worked: 4

QSO Points: 431
Multiplier: 182
Total Final Score: 78,442 (For reference our previous best was in February 2010 at 46,992)

KF7SIU had the most QSO's out of all of us with 185, averaging about 32/hour, good job!  I, KF7IEN, had 99, with a lot of digital QSO's which count for double.  K7LL held the station open a couple of times this week, in-between the rest of our busy schedules, and got 44 with a nice average of 22/hour.  KF7IFA also got on the air with 10 contacts.  Last but not least KF7SIV got a contact but was around a lot, as everyone was, helping logging and just enjoying the contesting.

I know I am looking forward to the next SCR.  We should have some pictures of our field setup on here sometime later this weekend, please come back and check.