Wasington QSO Party (Salmon Run)

UPDATE: We WILL be participating in the Salmon Run!  Join the list serve (contact us page) and ask the list for information where.  It will NOT be on campus, as we don't have antennas up yet.

This is Wasington's QSO Party:  A contest where the rest of the US tries to make contact with Washington stations.  Awards are given out based on scores, worked all WA counties, etc.  As Whitman County is not a very active county in Amateur Radio, this should be a fun, high-demand contest to work!  (now, if we only had a functional station....)

The official hours of the contest, in PDT, are 7am to midnight on Saturday, the 19th, and 7am to 5pm on Sunday the 20th.

For more information, check out:  http://www.wwdxc.org/salmon-run/announcements/2009-salmon-run.html