Technician Class (Update)

After the School Club Roundup Contest in late October, we will be offering a two day crash course covering what you will need to know to get your first ham Radio license. This will be a two day class the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd. The class will be free, but there will be a $15 licensing fee that you will need to pay when you take the exam and the end of the class.

You will need an FCC Registranion Number when you go to take the Exam. If you do not have one, you can register for one from the FCC web site.

The exam will be open should you just want to study on your own and try for your license, and you will be able to try for General and Extra class licenses should you already have your Technician license. More information on this event will be made available here, and on the our mailing List.

Update: This class will be at WSU, but the class and the exam will be open to the public. Feel free to show up even if you are not a student.


The class will start at 9AM Saturday and will probably go until 5PM and we'll pick up again Sunday Morning again at 9AM. When you take the exam on Sunday there will be a $15 testing fee, and you will need to have registered with the FCC for an FCC Registration Number (FRN); this may be done for free from the FCC's web site.

The class will be in the Engineering Technology Research Lab (ETRL) room 101 at WSU campus. Take the road behind Dana down to the doors visible from the road between ETRL and Dana, and 101 will be the very first door on your right when you enter the building. The lots marked in green are available for parking on the weekends if you're driving to the class.

This is a two day course, however there is some material that is simply best learned through repetition. As such, I recommend that if you have free time you take at subelements T1, and T2 from the Technician study materials up on our web site ( Part of the Tech class requires some very basic circuit knowledge. We will be covering this first thing Saturday. If you have a circuits/electronics background already and the material in subelements T5 and T6 in the study materials looks familiar to you, you may show up about an hour late.

Last but not least, if you are looking to get your General or Extra license but do not want to attend the Tech class. We are targeting the exam for a 2:30PM start on Sunday. You may show up and try to upgrade if you are looking to.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us and hopefully we can get them answered.

Update: For those of you who wanted the slides we used, here is where we sourced them from.'s%20--%20(singles)/