PCB Design Tutorial, General Meeting

The WSU Amateur Radio Club will be holding a printed circuit board design tutorial on Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 6 pm in Sloan 150. This will be a quick, 1-2 hour crash course on how to take a circuit from paper, input that into a CAD tool, then layout a ready-to-order circuit board. 

No prior knowledge or skill is required, all majors and years are welcome. You are encouraged to bring a laptop and follow along, but not required. Bring a simple circuit of your own, or use our example.

We will be using the free version of CadSoft's Eagle software. We suggest you install this beforehand if you wish to follow along. We will have a fast download link and installation assistance if you wish to install at the tutorial.

This will also be our first general meeting of the semester. We have one officer position up for nomination, and upcoming activities will be discussed.


The SparkFun eagle library that will be used in the meeting can be found here.

The OSHPark DRU files can be found here.

And the CAM file that we will use is attached. Change the extension from .cam.txt to just .cam.

LaenPCBOrder.cam_.txt6.81 KB