School Club Roundup Contest

10/17/2011 06:00
10/21/2011 05:00
America/Los Angeles

October 17th through October 21st is when this years School Club Roundup contest will be held. Ham's all over the nation will fire up their radios in the hope of scoring points by contacting as many school clubs as possible. This is a prime time for school clubs like ourselves to get on the air. The contest runs from 6AM every morning to 5PM each evening. 

You should be able to swing by and find someone operating the radios during much of this contest if you're interested in helping out or giving the radios a try. Because of how the rules for operating are setup for Hams, you can operate the radio without a license provided there is someone who is allowed to operate the radio acts as a control operator. As such, we encourage you to come down to the radio shack on the second floor of EME and give operating a try.