Tower Project Update

Its been a while since we've posted an update, so I thought it is about time.  Stuff has been happening, but at this point, its still behind the scenes stuff.  Short version: We're very close to ready to build, but need more funds.  Read on for the details. 

First, the FAA evaluation for the new site has been submitted and accepted, but not yet approved.  Once approved, we still have to wait 60 days before we can raise our tower to its full height.

Second, we have a generous donor who is paying for the tower engineering, and that is nearly complete now!

Third, we are making headway with the paper trail to authorize our construction.

Fourth, we've made a lot of progress with Capital Planning.

Finally, we have $2,000 toward the project already.  The project will probably cost around $10,000, assuming we can get a suitable enclosure donated.

Some more details: the original plan was to try and use a shed of the style typically obtained from a local hardware store for the equipment shelter.  Unfortunately, the university will not allow that, as this would officially count as a "commercial building" and will have too many code issues.  We'd need an official communications building, which there is a decent sized used market for, but it would still be quite pricey.  Early research indicated the foundation alone for it would likely be in excess of $10,000.

So, it looks like were going to have the metal box solution.  We're looking for donations of air conditioned 1 or 2 rack enclosures, and I've found some for sale that cost around $2,000.  To install this, we'd need only a fairly small concrete pad with some bolts sticking up.

On the good side, I found out that using WSU's crane is  very financially appealing, and about the best non-donation deal around.  It will cost us a fair bit less than removing the tower cost us.

How can you help?  If you are skilled in dirt work, concrete work, or chain link fence installation, or know someone who is and would be willing to donate your time, energy, that would be very helpful.  The next best thing would be a cash donation, which you can easily do by clicking on the "Donate" link on the upper-right of our website.