Amateur Radio License Training Material

There are three classes of Amateur Radio License available in the US, Technician, General, and Extra. Each class provides slightly more privileges than the former. Passing the Technician Class exam will get you full privileges on amateur radio bands above 30 MHz (VHF, UHF, microwave and up). General Class adds many bands below 30 MHz, and Extra class allows more access to these bands.

Several people have requested more information about studying for the  ham license test.  See the training files at for what I've found to be the best.  It is a listing of the entire question pool, but with each question phrased as only a correct statement (none of the detractors).  In addition, it has little explanations near questions that would benefit from it.

Check it out, and then go take the next ham license exam!  Its not hard, you can do it!

For local test sessions, check out: Palouse Hills ARC. They will be holding test sessions at WSU by request, so if you want one, sign up!

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