Technician Licensing Class

02/27/2010 09:00
02/28/2010 17:00
America/Los Angeles

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We will be holding a two day Technician Licensing Class on Saturday February 27 and Sunday February 28 from 9 AM to 5 PM in ETRL 101. There will be an exam session on Sunday at 3 PM in ETRL 119. You do not need to attend the class to take the exam. This class will be free and open to the public. The exam costs $15, the standard ARRL Test Fee.

ETRL is located between Dana and the old steam plant on the west side of the WSU Pullman campus in the middle of the engineering complex. Click here for a map. Parking will be free on the south side of campus street across from ETRL. Do not park in metered spaces. Both ETRL 101 and 119 are just inside the double doors on the side of the building (shown below). If you get lost please call Andrew at 509-288-1264.

Class topics will include:

  • FCC Rules relating to ham radio
  • Station License Responsibilities and Control Operator Duties
  • Best Operating Practices
  • Radio and Electronic Fundamentals
  • Station Setup and Operation
  • Satellite Operation
  • Emergency and Public Service Communications
  • Radio Waves, Propagation, and Antennas
  • Electrical and RF Safety

Here is a rough schedule (subject to change as necessary):

9:00 Intro to ham radio and get to know class
9:30 Radio and electronic fundamentals
11:00 Communications Modes and Methods
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Shack trip/Station setup and Operation
1:20 Radio waves, propagation, and antennas
2:30 Electrical and RF Safety
3:40 Operating practices
4:40 Review

9:00 Special Operations
10:10 Control Operator duties
11:20 Emergency and Public Service Communications
12:20 Lunch
1:00 FCC Rules, station license responsibilities
2:10 Station setup and Operation
2:50 Review and exam paperwork
3:00 Exam

In order to take the exam you will need government issue photo ID (not a cougar card) or an acceptable substitute. You will also need your FCC Registration Number which can be obtained here. You may use a calculator with the memory cleared. For more details see the ARRL list of "What to bring to an Amateur Radio exam session".

There will be no free lunch with this class, so bring food or a few dollars to share pizza.

Please sign-up for the class so we know how many people to expect. More information will be posted as it becomes available.