Club Meeting: Combined with UI, subject TBD

Our 3rd Thursday meeting with UI where we have some form of program, to be deturmined.

Learning Morse Code

Although not required for licensing, some have expressed interest in learning morse code. I'm still personally working my way towards proficiency, but I've found these resources helpful:

Letters/Numbers/Symbols as mnemonics:

Practice software that quizzes on each letter until it determines algorithmically that you have mastered that letter:

License Class Presentation Material

In class it was asked where to find the presentation materials. The powerpoint presentations many of the instructors are using are available here (public domain):

2.4 GHz 802.11g WAN Project


Ham radio based TCP/IP network connecting major eastern Washington cities to facilitate emergency communications.

A mailing list has been created for this project:

Amateur Radio License Training Material

There are three classes of Amateur Radio License available in the US, Technician, General, and Extra. Each class provides slightly more privileges than the former. Passing the Technician Class exam will get you full privileges on amateur radio bands above 30 MHz (VHF, UHF, microwave and up). General Class adds many bands below 30 MHz, and Extra class allows more access to these bands.

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