School Club Roundup Contest

October 17th through October 21st is when this years School Club Roundup contest will be held. Ham's all over the nation will fire up their radios in the hope of scoring points by contacting as many school clubs as possible. This is a prime time for school clubs like ourselves to get on the air. The contest runs from 6AM every morning to 5PM each evening. 

Technician Licensing Class

Get a FRN hereNCVCE 605We will be holding a two day Technician Licensing Class on Saturday February 27 and Sunday February 28 from 9 AM to 5 PM in ETRL 101. There will be an exam session on Sunday at 3 PM in ETRL 119. You do not need to attend the class to take the exam. This class will be free and open to the public. The exam costs $15, the standard ARRL Test Fee.

Tower Project Update

We recently hit a major milestone in this project: we have all paper approvals, engineering, and FAA permits in place!  We are ready to start construction.

Now all we need is the money to actually construct the project... If you can help, please make a donation using the "Donate" link on the right side of this page.

Tower Project Update

Its been a while since we've posted an update, so I thought it is about time.  Stuff has been happening, but at this point, its still behind the scenes stuff.  Short version: We're very close to ready to build, but need more funds.  Read on for the details. 

First, the FAA evaluation for the new site has been submitted and accepted, but not yet approved.  Once approved, we still have to wait 60 days before we can raise our tower to its full height.

Tower Project Update -- Assistance needed!

Its been a while since we've posted any updates, so here goes.

We are on the verge of beginning construction on the project.  I should have written authorization in hand this week, and we are working on engineering the tower base.  Once that's complete, we're ready to begin!

Antenna Building and Officer Elections

This will be our last meeting of the year. It will be held in EME 206. We will be holding officer elections followed by building a 2m/440 satellite antenna.

Business Meeting

We need to finish up our business for the year. This meeting will be in EME 206. The agenda for this meeting is as follows:

  • Respond to QSO cards
  • Activity meeting - antenna plan
  • Tower project work

Activity Meeting - Antenna Arrays by Dr. Olsen

We will be holding a meeting on Thursday February 17th at 5 PM in Sloan 150. Please note the location, as this is not our normal meeting place. (Sloan is the building attached to and north of EEME.)

During this meeting Dr. Olsen, Associate Dean for the College of Engineering and Architecture, expert in wireless communication and electromagnetic wave propagation, and former ham radio club adviser will be giving a talk on Antenna Arrays. This is a meeting that no student should miss.

Pizza will be provided.

Activity Meeting - 900 MHz Data Links

We will be holding our first meeting of the semester on Thursday January 20th at 5 PM in EME 206.

During this meeting we will be configuring and testing 900Mhz WiFi Radios for use in our tower project. Activities will include:

  • Using and configuring OpenWRT
  • Operation of 900Mhz panel antennas
  • Range and Speed testing

Deploying our antenna tower & antennas

Our major project for the 2010-2011 school year will be installing our antenna tower on the WSU campus. This project will cover a wide range of skills, including Structural, Electrical, and Computer Engineering, Technical Writing, and Public Speaking. During the previous school year we were donated a 53.5 Ft telescoping tower, a 40m Antenna and a 10-15-20m Antenna.

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