Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham

We are going to be featured in some comics over at http://dashtoons.com/.  Be sure to check it out and check back often.

School Club Roundup Field Day Pictures

Finally got some pictures up of the two days we had in the field for School Club Roundup.

See them here with descriptions on each picture: http://hamradio.wsu.edu/image/tid/20

On the EECS home page

We made the front page on the EECS website: http://school.eecs.wsu.edu

For reference when the story gets pushed off the front page: http://school.eecs.wsu.edu/node/1081

I'll be getting some more pictures than what is shown there up very soon.  Just have run into some troubles with an easy way to upload all of the pictures.  These will include a couple antenna shots!

School Club Roundup Final Report

What a fantastic week, running in the field the the last two days, making so many contacts, and working through all the pile-ups we got.  I'm very proud of how well we did this year and the level of activity and dedication we had.

School Club Roundup Info 2/13-17

Check out this info for stations that will be operating during School Club Roundup; planned schedules on the first sheet and stations will update the second when they are on the air with what frequency they are on and other info:

Ham Test on Campus

For those interested in getting a ham license upgrade in time for School Club Roundup, or just want to get licensed, we'll be holding a license test in EEME 206 (across from the shack) at 4pm on Thursday, February 9th.  Bring yourself, your ID, $15 for the standard test fee, and if you're upgrading, a copy of your current license if you can.  All three tests will be available there.

School Club Roundup

Its time for the February edition of the School Club Roundup (SCR)!  This time has the potential to be our most active year yet.  Thanks to several interested members, and even a community member that offered to mentor, we should be able to have lots of operator hours, even for those without general or better licenses.

New Licensees

Just a heads up guys, the FCC ULS database has been updated and those of you at our tech class last week now have call signs and are authorized to transmit!

To get your call sign head over to the FCC ULS database, and do a search for your name or FRN. Congratulations to all!


General Meeting, Oct 6th - Orientation to the Shack

Our Next General meeting will be next Thursday October 6th at the Ham Shack on the Second Floor of EME at 5:30 PM.

This meeting will be an orientation to the shack. We'll be running the radios and anyone who is interested will be able to give them a try. I strongly encourage you all to come by even if you don't have a license yet. As those of us with our licenses will be acting as control operators, unlicensed individuals are allowed to use the radios under our supervision.

Technician Class (Update)

After the School Club Roundup Contest in late October, we will be offering a two day crash course covering what you will need to know to get your first ham Radio license. This will be a two day class the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd. The class will be free, but there will be a $15 licensing fee that you will need to pay when you take the exam and the end of the class.

You will need an FCC Registranion Number when you go to take the Exam. If you do not have one, you can register for one from the FCC web site.

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