Club Meeting: Check out the W7UQ UI Amateur Radio Club Shack

W7UQ at UI will be hosting this month's combined meeting, which will be a tour of the W7UQ shack and demos.  Also, thouse WSU members who whish to have access to the W7UQ shack can get orientated and get a door code to their facility.

Their shack is pretty nice, with a 10/15/20 Meter beam, 40 and 80 meter wire antennas, beams on 6m, 2m, and 70cm(440Mhz).  For HF/6/2m SSB, they have an Icom 746, with a Kenwood TS-440 as the "secondary" station.  On 2m/440, they have a Kenwood D700A mobile.  They also have a nice bench setup, and a social space.  Come check it out!  If you need a ride, give a shout out on the WSU amateur radio mailing list (

[This is an official W7YH event]