General Meeting

There will be a general club meeting on Thursday, October 17th at 6PM in Sloan 150. We will be going over current club projects and the current state of the club, as well as brainstorming ideas for future projects.

Anyone interested in getting experience with real world engineering projects should attend. The Amateur Radio Club is actively involved in developing electronics and software, as well as many other mechanical and physical engineering projects. We are in need of skilled, motivated engineers. Projects are funded by the club.

For those who are interested in getting their Amateur Radio licence, we will likely be setting the date of the next class and exam at this meeting. I would encourage you to attend so we can get your feedback.

We are also in need of more officers. We will be soliciting for interest for the Treasurer position, as well as some provisional officer positions. We are especially looking for people interested in advertising, recruitment, community involvement, and corporate relations.

Current Projects:

  • Wireless Mesh Network (Testing and deployment stage)
  • Antenna tower construction - Final stage
  • Radio networked remote control system development on embedded hardware, Raspberry Pi
  • Electronics development - Radio control interface PCB layout, ordering, and assembly
  • Re-wire hydrogen fuel cell
  • Installment of conduit on EME roof to protect coaxial cable