October Licensing Class! (Updated)

Starting at 10AM Saturday and Sunday (October 27th and 28th) I will be running a class on the WSU campus Sloan 150. The class is FREE but at the end of the class there will be a $15 fee to take your exam. The class is optional, if you just want to take the exam, you are more than welcome to skip the class and show up at 4pm on Sunday for the exam. If you are planning on doing this please let me know in advance!

This is being held at WSU, but the exam and class are open to the public.

This is a two day course, however there is some material that is simply best learned through repetition. As such, I recommend that if you have free time you take at subelements T1, and T2 from the Technician study materials available online (link).

You will need an FCC Registration Number (FRN) and a NCVCE 605 form when you take your exam. You won't need these Saturday, so if you have any confusion then bring it up at the class and we'll straightened things out before Sunday's exam.


The class will be in Sloan room 150 at WSU campus. Sloan is the northern most building of the engineering buildings. There are parking lots just south of the engineering buildings that should be free during weekends.

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly (Luke dot Renaud at Gmail dot com) or send an email to the mailing list and we'll help sort anything out.

See you all Saturday.